Non-Destructive Quality Inspection of Potato Tubers Using Automated Vision System

Ayman Ibrahim, Nazeer El-Bialee, Mohsen Saad, Elio Romano


In this investigation, an automated vision system "AVS" for non-destructive quality inspection of potato tubers "PT" was developed. Color, size, mass, firmness, and the texture homogeneity of the "PT" surface, various sensitive features were studied, and extracted from the digital image by using the R program. Otsu threshold method, RGB, Lu*v*, CIE LChuv color models, and texture analysis by using the package Gray-Level Co-Occurrence Matrices (GLCMs) were applied. The results showed a great correlation between the tuber pixel area percentages (DIM=dimension as a percentage of total pixels), and both mass and geometric mean diameter (GMD) of all "PT" varieties. The color results demonstrated that the hue angle (huv) ranged from 68.92 to 96.61°, and the "PT" color was classified into deep and light color intensity. The "AVS" could predict the mass and size, and gave statistical data at the mass production level, in terms of the inspecting samples No., mass, and grades based on size, color, and free from injuries through the texture homogeneity of tuber surface. A predictive model hypothesized based on the tuber's surface texture characteristics for predicting the tubers firmness was statistically significant. This "AVS" can be applied as a non-destructive, precise, and symmetric technique in-line inspection, the quality of "PT", also helping decision-makers in the agricultural field and stakeholders to improve the horticulture sector through the statistical data issued by this system.


Potato tubers; quality inspection; image processing; automated vision systems; color analysis; texture features

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