Finite Element Simulation for Springback Prediction Compensation

Agus Dwi Anggono, Waluyo Adi Siswanto, Badrul Omar


An accurate modelling of the sheet metal deformations including the springback prediction is one of the key factors in the efficient utilisation of  Finite Element Method (FEM) process simulation in industrial application. Assuming that springback can be predicted accurately, there still remains the problem of how to use such results to appear at a suitable die design to produce a target part shape. It  is  this  second  step  of  springback compensation that is addressed in the current work. This paper presents an  evaluation of a standard benchmark model defined as Benchmark II of Numisheet 2008, S-channel model with various drawbeads and blank holder force (BHF). The tool geometry modified based on springback calculation for a  part to compensate springback. The result shows that the combination of the smooth bead with BHF of 650 kN resulted in the minimum springback and the tool compensation was successfully to accommodate the springback errors.


Drawbeads; Springback; Compensation

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