Medical Image Segmentation Using Multifractal Analysis

Abdullah A. Alshehri, Tyler Daws, Soundararajan Ezekiel


Image segmentation plays a key role in image analysis processes. The operations performed on a segmented image tend to affect it differently than if they were performed on the original image; therefore, segmenting an image can show radically different results from the original image and successfully doing so can yield features and other important information about the image. Proper image analysis is of high importance to the medical community as accurately classifying different conditions and diseases can be facilitated with excellent patient imaging. Multifractal analysis can be leveraged for performing texture classification and image segmentation. In this paper, we propose fusion-based algorithms utilizing multifractal analysis for medical image segmentation. We use two specific multifractal masks: square and quincunx. Our techniques show new insights by using methods such as histogram decomposition in conjunction with new techniques, such as fusion. By fusing different slope images, we can extract more features thus making our proposed algorithms more robust and accurate than traditional multifractal analysis techniques. These methods are further capable of reliably segmenting medical images by implementing multifractal analysis techniques in coordination with methods such as gaussian blurring and morphological operations. The resulting image can then be easily analyzed by medical professionals for diagnosing medical conditions. The outcomes show that the proposed algorithms extract dominant features that are more encompassing and powerful than classical techniques.


image segmentation; multifractal; MRI; fusion; quincunx; square mask.

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