Implementation of Three Phase Axial Flux Disc Permanent Magnet Generator for Low-Speed Horizontal Axis Wind Turbine

Muldi Yuhendri, Mukhlidi Muskhir, - Taali, - Ahyanuardi


The wind speed characteristic in Indonesia requires a low-speed generator for a wind turbine generator system. One type of generator suitable for a low-speed wind turbine is the Axial Flux Disc Permanent Magnet Synchronous Generator (AFDPMSG). This type of generator uses permanent magnets to produce axial flux in the rotor disk, making it easier to implement for wind power generation. This paper discusses the design of three-phase AFDPMSG compatible with low-speed Horizontal Axis Wind Turbine (HAWT) in the single coreless stator and single rotor configuration. The AFDPMSG stator is designed using 15 coils coated with fiberglass, while the rotor is designed using 18 poles of Neodymium N52 type permanent magnet. To drive low-speed AFDPMSG with large mechanical torque, the HAWT is designed using six blades made of fiberglass with NACA6412 type airfoils. The magnetic characteristics of AFDPMSG were analyzed using SolidWorks software based on the finite element method. Then the electrical characteristics were verified through simulations using Matlab software and experiments using horizontal axis wind turbines. Both simulation and experimental results show that AFDPMSG has produced voltage and power for a low-speed wind turbine as expected. HAWT has been able to drive the AFDPMSG with a speed of 263 rpm at a wind speed 9 m/sec so that the AFDPMSG can produce the output voltage 14 volts with the output power of 580 Watts. These results are close to the AFDPMSG rating design.


HAWT; AFPMG; neodymium N52; permanent magnet; fiberglass.

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