Failure analysis of high temperature superheater tube (HTS) of a pulverized coal-fired power station

Md. Mujibur Rahman, Ahmad Kamal Kadir


This paper presents the failure investigation of high temperature superheater (HTS) tubes.  Samples were collected from one of the coal fired power plants in Malaysia, namely, Stesen Janakuasa Sultan Azlan Shah, Manjung (Manjung Power Station).  After eight years of non-continuous services of three boilers, welded support-clips were completely separated (detached) from (HTS) tubes, which caused the wall thinning.  Collected failed samples were undergone several experimental investigations including visual inspection, thickness measurement, Vickers hardness testing, and microstructure evaluation.  The results revealed that some cracks were initiated at the heat-affected zone (HAZ) and propagated partly throughout the weld metal. The estimation on operating temperature and operating hoop stress show indication that the specimen may experienced a hig operating temperature. Other findings confirmed that the detachment of welded support-clips from HTS tubes may also caused by dissimilar metal weld (DMW) failure due to the differences in expansion properties of parent metal and weld metal.


High temperature superheater (HTS) tube; coal-fired boiler; localized overheating; visual inspection; microstructure evaluation

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