Investigation into Piston-Slap Force under Friction and Connecting Rod Effects of Diesel Engine

Fuadi Noor Balia, Muhammad Ridha, Shahruddin Mahzan, Abas AB Wahab


In this paper, a dynamics analysis of diesel engine through investigation of the piston-slap force by considering the friction and connecting rod effects is presented. A single-cylinder of 500 cc Diesel Engine’s mechanism was examined. The position, velocity and acceleration of the pins and the center of mass for each linkage were calculated by using vector analysis principles. The governing equations of the forces and moments were derived based on the Cartesian coordinate principles, and solved by using Gauss elimination method. Hence, the piston-slap force onto the cylinder wall under friction and connecting rod effects were determined. Favourable comparison with previously published work was performed and excellent agreement between the results was obtained. The result shows that the friction and connecting rod effects significantly influence to the piston-slap force.


Diesel engine; kinematics and dynamics; vector analysis; friction effect; piston-slap force

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