Trends and Challenges of Knowledge Management Technology from Malaysia’s Perspective

Subashini Ganapathy, Zulkefli Mansor, Kamsuriah Ahmad


Knowledge Management (KM) is one of the most important capitals in this era. Properly managing knowledge would help in problem-solving and decision making. However, managing knowledge is not a simple task. Malaysian agencies are predominantly known as knowledge-based organization. KM has been adapted into both public and private agencies quite some time. By practicing KM, the organization comprehensively gather, create, sharing, analyzes the knowledge for continuous organizational learning. However, an organization must continuously evaluate the effectiveness of their KM practices to remain competitive by looking at the challenges that are faced. Therefore, the organization should further investigate the trends, challenges, and issues to boost the use of knowledge efficiently. Thus, this paper presents a review of existing literature on KM influencing factors in public and private agencies, especially in Malaysia. The challenges were identified from recent existing studies from the year 2012 until 2019. This study gives an insight into current trends of KM studies and challenges which contributes to KM practices and implementation in Malaysia. The study revealed that management and leadership support which seemed to be lacking and was the most challenging factors in KM practices through recent studies.


KM; success factors; influencing factors; private agency; public agency.

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