Multi-Dimensional Interface Design of E-Commerce for Virtual Museum System

Tengku Siti Meriam Tengku Wook, Siti Fadzilah Mat Nor, Hazura Mohamed, Noraidah Sahari Ashaari, Nor Azan Mat Zin


This research focuses on the interface design for E-commerce for virtual museum system that can be displayed in multi dimensions. The existing system ( has proved that information presented with the existing interface cannot be presented effectively through mobile device. Navigation is also difficult to the human cognitive since a lot of information displayed in one screen. Furthermore, the existing system is only available in Malay language and the digitized artifacts are only 10-20% from the whole collection. The existing virtual museum was analyzed to obtain user's perspectives from the aspect of information displayed and the results of this analysis serves as an input and guideline in designing the model and interface of a virtual museum system. The finding of these analysis also determines the best techniques in displaying information in the context of multi-dimensional designs, the information needed in a virtual museum's system and the most suitable e-commerce platform. These findings are used in designing a multi-dimensional interface design for an e-commerce system for a virtual museum.  The result of this study proved that information presented is more effective due to ease of navigation of the system. Thus, it shows an increase in the usability and users gained more experience while using the system.


virtual reality; virtual museum; e-commerce; multi-dimensional interface usability; user experience.

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