Evaluation of Socioeconomic Status on Drug Addicted Person

A. Fazillah, E. Toriman, H. Juahir, A. Izwan, N. Mohamad, A. Ismail


The socioeconomic status plays an important role influencing drug addiction in this region. Evaluation of education level and occupation of drug addict factors were undertaken to understand the correlation of socioeconomic factors with drug addiction in Terengganu. Three clusters have been formed after analysis based on education level. The first cluster was formed namely lower drug addicted person, the second cluster namely moderate drug addicted person and the third cluster contributing to the highest number of drug-addicted people in Terengganu namely highest drug addicted person. While the occupation of a drug addicted person classified into three clusters as well. Further analysis using discriminant analysis for education level and type of occupation was determined, and the correlation between the level of education and type of occupation drug addicted person could be ascertained. Primary school had the lowest p-value, same goes for the agriculture. This study has revealed the factors towards the phenomena of drug addiction in the region and offering information to stakeholders involved. By investigating and a better understanding of the relationship between a drug addict and socioeconomic status, the drug addiction control and regulation can be done to eradicate this problem.


drug addiction; socioeconomic; statistical analysis; cluster analysis; discriminant analysis

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DOI: http://dx.doi.org/10.18517/ijaseit.7.6.1009


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