Automatic Frontal Face Pose Tracking for Face Recognition System

Kartika Firdausy, Balza Achmad


Face recognition systems have been widely used in various security applications, for example in attendance system. The success of face recognition system relies on the trained face images as well as the face image captured that being recognized. Among the variables that determine the success of face recognition is face pose. Previous works showed that frontal face pose produced the best face recognition success rate. This paper proposes a face pose tracking subsystem that can be used as a filter so that only the frontal face pose that will be processed in the face recognition subsystem. The criteria for various face poses, i.e. frontal, tilted and turned, either left or right, have been formulated. Experimental results showed that the success rate of face recognition by implementing frontal face pose tracking can improve by 70.5%. However, it has trade off in reduced face image capture speed from 61 images per minute to 10 images per minute.


face detection; face pose; pose tracking

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